Moderator Guidelines

I have chosen you to moderate #edhire chat for a reason! You will be an asset to the growth and influence of this chat and in turn help many educators navigate the K-12 job market.

You as a moderators are my team members. You are active members of the Twitter community, part of my PLN, and/or your close social media contacts. Our goal is to curate a good chat and keep things running smoothly.

Here are the written guidelines for #edhire chat moderators & your responsibilities:
  • Welcome (new) members.
  • Keep the discussion focused (with many Twitter users contributing, it’s not usually easy to keep the discussion on topic).
  • Promote the chat regularly and invite new members.
  • Summarize different parts of the discussion (mark the end of the introduction part, list tools and resources mentioned, and summarize).
  • Archive the chat using Storify.
    • Post the archive to the wiki in a timely manner.
    • Announce when the archive will be posted and is posted.
    • Remember to mention those you included in the archive using Storify to help give ownership of the chat to the members who participated. (and exposure for #edhire chat!)

Running #edhire Twitter Chat

When you’re more comfortable hosting Twitter chats, you’ll find your own “unique” style and approach. For now, here’s a checklist for you to build on:
  1. Start with a welcome introduction (a couple of minutes to let your chat participants introduce themselves and begin tweeting about your event).
  2. Announce your chat topic (pick one specific idea for each of your chats to keep the discussion focused).
  3. Tweet your own thoughts and ideas on that topic.
  4. Give at least 5 minutes for your chat participants to share their ideas(retweet the best ones).
  5. Summarize the most important points as you go along.
  6. Ask questions (label your questions as Q1, Q2, etc., to make it easy for your chat participants to answer and encourage discussion).
  7. Retweet and summarize the best answers.
  8. Share some related tools and links and invite your chat participants to share their own as well (retweet the best ones).
  9. Announce the upcoming end of the chat and thank everyone for participating.
  10. Tweet the chat conclusions.
  11. Announce the next chat day/time and topic.


– ‘No experts allowed’. I make sure everyone that joins #edhire chat understands that NO ONE there is an expert, and that we are all there to learn from each other. I think this puts participants at ease, and makes them more likely to participate. I want this, because the more people that participate in #edhire chat, the better the quality of the chat.